Choosing The Right Mobile Marketing Platform

With the countless mobile marketing platforms out there vying for your business, it can get extremely confusing when choosing the correct one for you. So, we are going to see how other mobile marketing platforms hold up against the extensive features in Papersky's advanced campaign format.

We are going to take a look at the features offered from a popular mobile marketing platform known as, SMSP, first. Then we will see how Papersky differs.

Note: These are the actual features provided by the SMSP website and have not been altered at all.

SMSP Mobile Marketing Platform

  • Quick and simple Interactive SMS Service setup in two or three simple steps.
  • Temporarily Pause services to alter service parameters, limit usage of a service to specific time periods (e.g. radio shows, events, etc) or delay the response messages for a later time. While a service is paused messages are still being received, but will not be processed until the service has been resumed.
  • Reconfigure your service parameters (end date, response message, keyword, etc. ) without losing incoming SMS messages, or having to recreate a new service.
  • SMS Sessions: Advanced mechanism that recognises returning participants in a service and correctly routes their messages, even if they forget to insert the original service keyword.
  • Ad-Sponsored SMS Replies: provide an additional advertising channel to service sponsors, who can now have their brand name inserted at the end of each SMS reply to participants' mobile phones.

In all respects, this is a fairly adequate mobile marketing platform, but is it right for your business? Now, we will take a look at the advanced features that Papersky offers.

Papersky Mobile Marketing Platform

  • Ease of Use - First and foremost, Papersky is designed for simplicity of use. The intuitive campaign format walks beginners through the entire process of launching their campaigns successfully from scratch, but also allows the more experienced users to quickly, and concisely, get their campaigns running ASAP.
  • Instant Chat - Communicate with your target audience on a one-on-one basis with Papersky's highly developed Chat feature that also stores all correspondences so that you may access them from anywhere at any time.
  • Innovative Reporting System - Everyone knows that analytics are key to developing a successful campaign. This feature will allow users to visibly see how their audience responds through advanced statistical data, giving every marketer that uses this platform the edge. No other platform in the industry has the same reporting features as Papersky.
  • Personalisation - Create campaign messages that speak directly to the responder by adding personalised info fields such as the recipient's first name to drastically improve click throughs.
  • Manage Contacts - Upload contacts from an existing campaign, download the list onto a CSV file, or have the ability to place them into groups.
  • Shortcode Keywords - Easily create words or phrases that allow your audience to quickly opt in to your network. Receive FREE text credits when you sign up for a new campaign.
  • Merge Contacts With Campaigns - This is a one of a kind feature that no other platform offers. Papersky allows users to take audience members that have clicked through an offer and create a separate group or add them to an already existing group, allowing marketers to specifically target the most responsive audience members for maximum results.
  • Trackable URL Short links - There's no need for third party short link providers. With Papersky, we provide the ability to create short links and also track clicks.
  • Dedicated Numbers - Each dedicated number has its own individual inbox for messages, replies, and conversations. Numbers are 100% unique and allow for unlimited keywords to be used.
  • Scheduling - Easily specify the time and date that you'd like your message to be sent for maximum conversions.

What Is The Verdict?

You be the judge on which is the optimal choice for a mobile marketing platform. However, it should be evidently clear that Papersky has specific features that will greatly enhance an SMS campaign and simplify the user experience.