Improve your sales with SMS

If you've been around more than a day, you've undoubtedly realised that there are countless methods in which to market your business. As technology continues to improve, even more will begin to arise. However, there is currently only one method that allows users to market to literally thousands of targeted potential customers while maintaining a 98% engagement rate. Obviously, we are talking about SMS marketing.

How Can An SMS Marketing Platform Improve Your Sales?

The most popular method of online marketing is currently via email, but statistics show that the average open rate for an email is only 23%. That means that only 1/5 of an email list will even open the email. Far less will even click through to the actual sales page. On the other hand, as mentioned above, SMS marketing reaches 98% of people that an offer was sent to. With an average click through rate of 19%, it is no surprise as to why businesses are switching to SMS marketing. Not to mention, SMS messages are typically read within 5 seconds of being received on average.

So, it is obvious that SMS marketing could have a profound impact on your marketing campaigns and Papersky would like to help you get started.

What Can Papersky Do For Your Business?

Papersky is the most powerful, yet simplistic mobile marketing platform available online today. No other SMS marketing solution allows such a high degree of analytical reporting, customisation of campaigns, and ease of use for all members, regardless of experience level.

Analytics - If you are familiar with other SMS platforms, then you most likely have not seen anything like what Papersky has to offer. Users have the ability to view the number of messages successfully delivered, the amount links that were clicked on (CTR), and responsiveness of the recipients.

Customisation - Users have the ability to create groups and move contacts from group to group based on their statistical data. If you want to make a group solely of contacts that clicked through your links, you can through Papersky. Users also have the ability to Schedule when messages go out, which allows users to "set it and forget it" with all messages for the day, week, month, or even year. Of course no SMS campaign is ever complete without utilising Papersky's ability to issue unique, dedicated numbers for every SMS marketing campaign that the user has.

Ease of Use - regardless of whether you are creating your very first SMS marketing campaign or are a seasoned professional, Papersky's intuitive formatting will suit your needs. For those that need a little bit of help getting their first campaign up and running, Papersky will literally walk the user through the steps to ensure every campaign is top notch. For seasoned SMS veterans, a campaign can be started with only a few clicks without the need for the step by step process.

SMS marketing is the obvious choice. Join Papersky now, receive FREE credits, and have your first money making campaign running within minutes!