Looking for a marketing platform for mobile?

We've been talking a lot recently mobile marketing, how it works, who's doing it and did it work for them. Well now we've down a round up of some of the advantages of mobile marketing that you might not have previously considered.

Papersky Marketing Platform for Mobile

Mobile marketing platforms used to involve hefty development costs to create designated short code and build smart phone applications but now services like our Papersky SMS marketing platform mean that the previous initial costs are already covered and therefore bypassed. This means there are far fewer barriers to entry and mobile marketing becomes accessible to more and more companies all the time.

Lots of people think users will mistake SMS marketing texts as spam but industry regulations and best practices mean that features like anti-spam filters and opt in/opt out choices are having a real positive impact on the perception of SMS marketing.

SMS marketing can reach people anywhere at anytime. The recipient doesn't have to be logged in to their email account, picking up the piece of direct mail from the doormat or paying attention to the adverts and billboards as they're driving along. We all know how important mobile phones have become in our everyday lives and most of us would feel lost without them, as such by using SMS mobile marketing this means you've got a better chance of your touch point with consumers actually being noticed rather than ignored.

It's a proven fact that marketing that is customised and tailored to potential customers' individual needs and desires is more likely to be effective than generic mass messages. That said just how far can we go in the quest to personalise communication? The answer is pretty impressive, Yahoo! for example have recently started sending mobile smart ads that are not only customised based on purchasing behaviours and demographics but impressively even down to local weather conditions. Imagine it being freezing cold pouring with rain outside whilst your shopping and receiving a SMS marketing message with a money-off voucher for your local coffee shop offering you the chance to get out of the rain for a well deserved hot drink. This would be far harder to resist than a banner advert online when you're sat inside in the warm watching the soaps.

Measure Performance

Just like email marketing, mobile marketing is really easy to measure the results of. This is a fundamental stage of any marketing campaign, as you'll probably have heard the industry's most famous line,“I know 50% of my advertising works. I just don’t know which 50%”. With the Papersky mobile marketing platform you can track open rates, click through rates plus get all this data in real time so marketers can react quickly to peaks in response rates.

Like all good marketing campaigns yours should be an integrated marketing strategy using the best of print and digital combined. Mobile marketing can be used to make the most of your efforts in other areas and help make other mediums more measurable too. It's hard to know how many sales or enquiries are as a direct result from a specific advert placed in a specific publication or on a website, with mobile marketing you can combine a 'text-in' promotion to be able to track how successful other marketing efforts really are. This means you can funnel your marketing budget into the mediums that yield the best results.

mobile Marketing is cost effective

Mobile marketing is also said to be on of the most effective ways of reaching those hard to reach customers. Because so many of us own mobile phones, and people have the ability to opt out of marketing if they do not want to be marketed to therefore it doesn't come with the same ethical considerations of buying data, marketers can reach the previously elusive customers and what's more, on their own terms.

So, other than it being a really cost effective, tried and tested way of targeting those people most likely to be receptive to your product or service, we can see that there are lots of other advantages to mobile marketing when you delve below the surface.