Mobile and Email Marketing For Your Business

Throughout the history of online sales, email marketing has been shown as a proven method in building a larger consumer base. It is difficult to argue the effectiveness of email marketing with such a strong track record over the years. However, there have been some interesting improvements in technology that have significantly shifted how ecommerce marketing is done.

  • There is an estimated 6.4 billion mobile device subscriptions worldwide.
  • Mobile broadband subscriptions outnumber fixed subscriptions more than 3 to 1.
  • Revenue from SMS marketing is expected to increase over 65% between the years of 2011 -2016, showing rapid growth.
  • A study conducted by Lightspeed Research of how UK residence responded to mobile advertising, showed that 47% of the people that responded to an ad, went on to make a purchase.

Needless to say, it is clear that SMS marketing is showing signs that it is quickly becoming the dominant force in online marketing. Though mobile and email marketing have been light years apart in usability for many years, it is predicted that mobile marketing has not only caught up to email advertising, but is expected to easily eclipse its use as improvements in technology continue to improve both the usability and the consumer experience.

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Ecommerce Marketing With Papersky Is Your Opportunity

Ecommerce marketing has evolved. Posting intrusive banner ads on popular websites and paying outrageous fees with Google Adwords for advertising that may or may not actually work is simply not enough. Your business needs something more powerful, something that truly converts to sales. Papersky has the solution.

Believe it or not, statistics have shown that Mobile coupons are 10 times more likely to be redeemed than coupons that are received through email, newspaper, or traditional mail. This means that you will have more people shopping at your ecommerce store with the help of Papersky's SMS Messenger, which equates to more profits than you will even know what to do with.

Papersky's SMS messenger has the ability to change your business forever!

Imagine if you could fully tap into only 1% of the 31 million smartphone users within the UK? Not only would overall revenue increase exponentially, but so would brand awareness, which will help your business continue to expand for years to come. Let Papersky be your mobile marketing outlet to reach the masses.

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