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If you haven't looked at the data recently, the UK is an absolute goldmine for SMS marketing. By the end of 2012, there were 83 million mobile subscribers within the UK alone, outnumbering the overall population by a staggering 20 million. With such a vast amount of the people utilising mobile devices, it is rather obvious that mobile usage has become deeply engrained with the everyday culture. For those that are looking for new opportunities to market their products / services, there may be no better location than the UK.

The future for mobile marketing within the UK looks incredibly promising as well. As of this year, Portio Research estimates that 44% of mobile users have smartphones. Since the introduction of smartphone technology, the ability for marketers to engage their target consumers and provide a greater user experience than ever before. Continued improvements in mobile technology are what is driving the entire mobile marketing movement to begin with. 44% may seem like a lot of penetration for smartphones, as it roughly equates to 36.5 million UK resident, but, what is even more interesting, is that Portio Research also estimates that by 2016, the percentage of smartphone users will significantly jump to an astounding 63%.

Why Papersky Is The Premier Mobile Marketing Agency

Since the Papersky team is based within the UK, we have an unmatched understanding of the mobile marketing scene here. If you haven't already, feel free to check out our SMS marketing blog as a brief glimpse of the unparalleled amount of research and data mining we do to ensure that all Papersky users are as informed as possible about the various trends that can lead to potential profits.

While on our relentless journey to improve our knowledge base of mobile marketing, we stumbled across many of the most popular mobile marketing platforms available today. While using these platforms, we noticed a significant gap. Though some of these mobile marketing platforms were sufficient, none of them were optimal. Meaning, they got the job done, but left a lot to be desired. From this gap spawned the birth of Papersky's intuitive SMS campaign manager.

No other mobile marketing platform available offers a campaign manager that is so simplistic, that it basically walks users through the steps to launching their first campaign. Other providers leave it to the user to learn the basics. For those that are already seasoned veterans of mobile marketing (which you will be soon enough), Papersky offers the ability to streamline through the steps in order to launch a campaign literally within minutes.

Every marketer in any other industry worth their weight in salt will tell you that analytics are essential to their endeavours. Then how come most SMS campaign managers only offer the bare minimum in information tracking? Papersky's advanced reporting system goes above and beyond what other providers are capable of, allowing marketers insight into the behaviour patterns of their target consumers.

Mobile Marketing UK and Papersky

The UK mobile market is YOURS for the taking. To prove that we're serious, Papersky is now offering 3 months of FREE service for all new users, which also includes complimentary shortcode keywords. So don't hesitate. Get your first mobile marketing campaign started TODAY!