Mobile Marketing for Business

Potential using SMS Marketing for Business

Since the first text message was sent in 1992, SMS messaging has exploded to nearly 3 billion users worldwide and is used by nearly three quarters of mobile phone users. And lets be honest, how many people do you know without a mobile phone nowadays?!

So, it's no surprise that savvy marketers have cottoned on to the marketing potential of SMS messaging for business. Not only are they simple and cost effective but readership rates of SMS messages is over 90%* and typically the average text is read in just four minutes. Compare this to the 48 hour average time it takes people to read an email and it's a no brainer!

Ways to utilise SMS

You might be thinking how would I use SMS messages for my business? Well, there are loads of ways and for a specific look at your business then you should get in touch with us for more information and advice but we've put together a summary of just a few of the great reasons why SMS messaging for business services could help boost your profits in 2014.

  • Send your customers and staff a 'Happy New Year' SMS, or any type of event in the calendar. It's much cheaper than printing and postage costs of traditional direct mail.
  • As they have such a fast read time, use SMS messaging to notify staff or customers or any urgent or important news. They're a great addition to any business continuity plan.
  • If you want to send out an exclusive promotion to existing customers or a particular customer segment then SMS messaging is a great way to quickly inform customers, perhaps for a 24 hour flash sale for example.
  • Let clients know about opening and closing hours during holidays and of course let them know that your brand new sale starts tomorrow!
  • SMS messaging for business has real time tracking capabilities so you can catch potential clients whilst they're out and about with 'live' information.
  • As it's so cost effective its a great way for smaller businesses to make the most of their marketing budgets and get the best return on their investment.

The research

Research shows that teenagers between 14 and 18 send an average of 60 SMS messages a day**! So, for any cynics that think SMS messaging as a means of marketing is likely to die out soon, then we can see that with this level of SMS' sent every day it's not likely to happen anytime soon. There has also been a rise is messaging apps like WhatsApp but these only work on devices that also have the app installed and different apps aren't always compatible with each other or are device specific such as BlackBerry Messenger. So, it's safe to say that SMS messaging is here to stay!

The mobile market is growing at amazing speed, so make sure you're on mobile platforms before your competitors are and don't get left behind. It's not just great for younger generations, today so many people are tech savvy or at the very least own a mobile phone.

Our intuitive campaign builder is so easy to use and is accessible online 24/7. For more information check out our Mobile Marketing for business page or get in touch today for advice on how Papersky can help yield a higher ROI on your business marketing efforts.